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Nobel type face classification and purpose

Anatomy reference  :

Nobel typeface falls into the geometric sans-serif classification of type . as name san-serif implies the type is distinct in its lack of  any serif appendages with a more block-y geometric appearance. it is distinct as it has slight cursive undertones seen in the bowl and shoulder of the characters. As a form of Futura its purpose was to act as a representation of modern sensibilities to be used in headers posters advertisements . It has a crisp clean professional look that is meant to portray professionalism .


Graphic Design Blog Post #2

Sjoerd Henrik de Roos

Sjoerd Henrik de Roos born 1877  died 1962 Was a Dutch born typographer residing in Amsterdam and Primarily known for creating Nobel typeface.  His  Nobel typeface is primarily an off shoot of the basic Futura form . Commonly Known by the world at large by S.H De Roos he created one of the first private printing presses in the Netherlands .


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In the  required  research I did for the type assignment I was going to choose Futura as my chosen type but i held off as i felt I could find one with more history. I found one such type face is almost a reaction to Futura. Nobel designed by Sjoerd Henrik de Roos was created around 1929 with the primary goal of enlivening futura. Using this style to create a series of nobel he Tobias Frere-Jones refers to it as  ” Futura cooked in dirty pots and pans ” .

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